Liandry's Torment on Vladmir vs. fairly tanky Teams

Dear Summoners, being a Vlad Main, i got a lot of Problems since the huge Tank Buff. As every Midlaner gets Morello (which is already a big threat to me, this item is by far too strong. Boss CDR, Manareg and huge AP on one Item? Rito please!), the CC of Tanks kills a Vlad. From the last patch theres always 2 or even more tanks in the enemy team, which melt me with their CC being not able to resist any damage from their carries. My runes are usually: 9x Mpen Marks 9x HP/lvl Seals 6x Flat CDR Glyphs, 3x CDR/lvl Glyphs 3x AP Quints I need that CDR to get to my 40%, which is a need to maximize damage output on vlad. My build is always: CDR Boots, WotA, Rylai's, Rabadon's, Hourglass, Abyssal Against tanky teams, i got problems dealing damage. Would it be worth to swap Abyssal with Liandry's Torment? Keep in mind that i got no Mres at all after that. This is a huge question to me... I hope someone can help me! Thanks. King Vlad
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