The good, The bad and The league of legends!

I've previously started a thread where I asked people how much they like lol atm and the majority were either neutral or unsatisfied. If you're someone like me who played this game from back then when graphics weren't as beautiful nor the mechanics were as polished, from 2012 to be precise, then you're probably not enjoying this game anymore! I really loved this game and invested an absurd amount of time and for a long time there wasn't any other games I had on my pc cause no other game gave me the feeling that lol gave. The satisfaction that came from a win, the satisfaction that came from outplaying an opponent or the satisfaction that came from winning a long hard game, hell even from losing it cause you had fun, but now? It's complete trash. You either stomp or get stomp, there's so little room for outplays or turning the game around. Let me be clear, I'm just a casual player who grinded his way up every season, playing to get better and win more, but from end of last season, playing any mode has become pointless, especially rank. I do carry games and do get carried other games and lose others because of my mistakes or the team's. The thing is the games I'm carrying, a big portion of my time goes into writing in chat, why? To stop people from doing stupid stuff, to group up, to defend, etc. I've played so many games that I'm tired of seeing the same mistakes over and over again, losing the games for this said reasons. But today is the last day. I'm deleting this game for good, going offline permanently with 90% of my friends list which stopped playing some time during the last 2 years. I'm pretty sure league has lost a lot of their player base, but not that much to hurt their revenue and as long as people buy their skins they will continue to give out new skins instead of actually addressing the problems game has. So, this is it, goodbye my dear old league of legends that has become dull, boring and unsatisfying, so long league community, notorious for its toxicity(although this isn't a real problem). I had much fun the past 6 and half years, made lots of friends, IRL and online and got addicted to this game, but there is a time for everything and my time has come! **SAYONARA**
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