Pay2win exist, and riot dont want to stop it.

Hey Riot, As i mentioned before Pay2win exist, people boost their elo in (Ebay,Amazon etc..) and come to my elo and let me lose, almost everygame there is thousands of boosted people, and the system dont punish them because its hard to notice, why its hard to notice? because in this game 0/15 can win, and 15/0 can lose. Which makes the boosted 0/15 win, and they will see that he is not boosted, but 15/0 lost is the boosted one. And of course Riot will not listen, because they dont want to even bother to fix just easy thing like that, you can simple. Block things called using account anywhere, you can for example allow the account to be used in 1 country, and if he want to move the account, he moved and cant move it again for up to 2 weeks or 1 month. That will avoid too many people from paying to win you know? And your bann system is a joke btw.
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