Please clarify the description on Windspeaker's Blessing

Does it work for self-healing, such as Trundle's or Mundo's ult ? If no, then please change the horrible punctuation in the description from the Masteries pages ----- UPDATE : The one on the mastery page seems to be the correct one, I have just tested it with Nunu's Q in ARAM : - **With** Windspeaker's Blessing : heals 258 or 259 (screenshots : - **Without** Windspeaker's Blessing : heals 241 or 242 (screenshots : (the difference isn't exactly 10%, perhaps due to other Masteries interfering, cba knowing why) On a side note, Riot Support has answered me the opposite : > Hello Summoner, > > Thanks for writing. > > I totally understand that you would like some clarification on the description of Windspeaker's Blessing keystone mastery. I'm not sure as to why you are confused about this, but it is clearly stated that it only works on shields and heals on allied champions. Thus, the self healing of Trundle and Mundo doesn't affect this mastery. I hope this clears your concern. > > Should you have any other questions, please feel free to send us another ticket. I'm not convinced that this Player Support Specialist has actually investigated my question thoroughly... maybe it's just me --- Edit : has been fixed :)
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