Should I play tank champs like J4 for ranked silver - gold instead of playing Kha?

So I'm a OTP {{champion:121}} and made it to s4 on placements and climbed to s3; however I started to notice in alot of my games as {{champion:121}} that I'm losing alot of my games, not down to any problems on my side but more so on my team comp and opportunities to gank. As I tend to go bruiser build on Kha nowadays instead of Assassin. Now I know that Kha is a strong champ particularly in the higher elo's but I'm starting to doubt he is much use in the lower elos for climbing and have recently learned that tank champs like {{champion:59}} or {{champion:113}} are pretty OP in lower elo for climbing. So with this all in mind. Is it worth me putting {{champion:121}} on backburner for climbing silver to mid gold and adopting a champ like {{champion:59}} instead and then when I'm mid gold I then continue on with my OTP {{champion:121}} or should I continue to just OTP climb?
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