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rito nerf Yasuo pls
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Well Rito I'm Writing This In Hope Of You Nerfing HIM,before all the bronze Yasuo mains come and hate me and start saying "YASUO TAKES SKILL!","YASUO IS A HARD CHAMP",read this before you comment: Q:It clears lanes fast and has a low "CDR", i hate the fact that Yasuo{{champion:157}} can just "Q" you and then re-q to knock you up and get the last hit,overall his "Q" is fine,besides the fact that when he slides on you and uses his "Q" it deals so much burst damage. W:Who in RIOT decided To make a champion that literally spawns a wind wall (That Covers up a HUGE Range), that blocks all the ranged auto attacks and most global "ults",about half of the league champions are range,so basically with one ability,He can counter 60 champions! Not just that ,it spawns The wall in front of him!It makes it so easy to counter extreme hardcore kiting and defeats the purpose of kiting,And makes champs like varus do nothing to him.(This is the list of all the abilities/passives,auto-attacks and ultimate he can block :http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4058613) E:Why??,Literally why does he have a free mini flash in his kit with low "CDR"?(REALLY low CDR) i get the fact that you cant slide on a target again for a period of time, but with his "Q" clearing lane and harassing his opponent he can dash through all the minions too the point which he gets to your turret,honestly the reason yasuo plays mid is because if hes low hp he can just "E" his way out of there ,I get for example kindred's short "Q" as a small dash or ahri's "Ult" with her dashes,but honestly its annoying he can dodge skill shots and "ultimates" so easily. R:We get to his final and most irritating ability,Hes "R"... there is no FUCKING COUNTER FOR IT if he "Q"s you then your knocked in the air and you cant heal or use abilities such as kindred's R or kayle's R to make you invincible to save you,and the fact that it deals so much damage while being in your turret,praying to god he leaves you with one hp,he can just Kill you,leave and let his "passive" shield absorb all the damage,and even if you survive his "Ultimate" he just Ignites you and "E" (dash) out of there like no damage was taken. Passive:I hate the idea of riot exchanging mana with other forms of rage,the fact that yasuo can use his abilities and spam them without spending a resource is total bullshit,not just that, but they replace it with a shield meter,its so annoying of him just taking damage and tanking objectives with just having a shield to absorb the damage. Over all Dealing with Yasuo {{champion:157}} is so painful with his free dashes and a shit ton of burst damage so i would suggest for riot to rework or better nerf his kit,also now that you read what i have to said (if you did,which you din't) go and tell me what you think about yasuo in the comments.
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