Easiest way of climbing ever!

Hi, guys, I want to share and discuss a technique that has increased my winrate by about 20% so far. I figured it out while discussing the [effectiveness of anti flaming methods](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/i3LF4MqN-effectiveness-of-anti-flaming-methods) in this board. I always thought that the main reason for losing games in ranked is the huge amount of flaming. Using this technique has confirmed it that idea. In many games the team that loses is the team that flames most. My technique reduces the flaming dramatically, sometimes it even removes it completely. In a nutshell, it goes like this: Figure out who flames in your team, tell everybody and mute the flamers. I guess there are many ways of doing this. I'll give you a step by step guide of how I am doing it now. Steps 1-4 are to be followed in the pre game lobby: 1. Write this: "Hi, guys, do you flame?" Some people (about 10-15%) will say "no". For the purposes of this method, everybody else is a flamer. 2. (Optional) Praise the non flamers however you feel like. 3. Write this: "Normally no answer means yes, so it looks like X, Y and Z flame. Is that right?" X, Y and Z are the flamers, i. e., all who didn't answer "no" to the first question. If nobody answered "no", just say "all of you". Usually this question doesn't get answers. In the rare case that somebody says "no, I am not" or something similar, he also becomes a non flamer for the purposes of this method. 4. Write this: "I always lose when I get flaming. Do you mind if I mute X, Y, and Z at the beginning of the game to prevent the flaming?" Again, don't expect many answers. Occasionally someone will say they do. In that case, ask them if they would agree not to flame in this game. After 50 games using this method I never got an answer to that. Should you get one, do as you see fit. 5. As soon as the game starts, mute the flamers and write: "X, Y and Z muted now. Thank you for your understanding". And then "Now let's win this!". This technique reduces or even removes the flaming for the whole team, not just for yourself. As you can imagine, many times I don't actually mute anybody so I can see what's going on. In most cases the levels of flaming are surprisingly low, sometimes nobody says anything negative in the whole game. Low levels of flaming (or no flaming at all) means that each player is focused on playing their best, instead of focusing on flaming their teammates or answering their flaming. Meanwhile, the enemy team is using half of their time to flame each other instead of using it to win the game. The result: You win! Obviously this method is not perfect. With millions of people playing this game, it's impossible to know for sure why some people answer and some don't, why some answer the truth and others lie. Sometimes you will end up muting people who are not flamers (for instance, because they don't even speak English). Other times people who said they don't flame still flame anyway. Sometimes you lose even if you have no flaming at all. However, that doesn't matter much. What matters is that the method works most times, I'd say about 90% of the time. The decrease in flaming is amazing. Before I started to use this method almost every ranked game I played had huge levels of nasty flaming. Since I use it most games have very mild flaming or no flaming at all. **WHY DOES THIS WORK?** It's clear that less flaming means more wins. But why does this technique reduce the flaming? I don't know for sure, but I have a rough idea: The most important thing is that this technique identifies flamers quite reliably. You give them plenty of chance and a good reason to say they're not flamers. If they still don't say it, you can be quite certain they are. Flamers don't want you to know they are flamers. If you know nothing about a player, he might have an effect on you when he tells you "you're the worst ADC I've ever seen". But if you know in advance that he's a flamer, you will most likely not care at all about what he says. The flamer knows that he's been denied the only reason for his flaming, attention, so he skips the flaming altogether. Apart from that, the fact that you muted them means there is one less person they can affect, which further reduces their will to flame.
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