How to make Chromas better.

Hey I just wanted to share an idea about the recently released chroma packs. First of all I am kind of disappointed with Riot because I personally read a lot of threads where people complained about the 590 Rp and the fact that they sell them in packs but Riot still went forward with it. That being said here goes my idea how to make chromas better. Riot cannot and will not make Chromas for free (IP) because then people will buy less skins because essentially chromas are skins. Some Rioter already wrote about this but i cant find it. Whenever you spend money there is something like a _"psychological treshhold"_ that decides whether you spend it or not. If there is a way to get what you want without spending money, the treshhold is much higher. If chromas were free I&#039;m sure a lot of people would spend less on RP and would instead farm IP for chromas. Sure a lot of people would still buy RP but it would hurt Riot. And I dont expect and want Riot to hurt themselves. So here goes my idea. Make chromas only for skins. Then make them cost something like **100RP for ONE** chroma (or even make them for IP). That way people HAVE to spend money in order to get chromas but it is not at a ridicolously high price and people can pick and choose wich chroma they want instead of having to buy all 3. The existing chromas they already did for champions basic skins can just be kept in the store at the current price. I also think that this is the best way to express personality (to the point that is possible). A skin already shows some personality and with the chroma recolours you individualize your skin. To be honest i think 100 RP or something matches the effort that goes into a chroma in relation to a normal, new skin (not the old recolours). tl;dr Chromas only for skins at a price of 100RP for 1 EDIT: I would love a Red to answer to this <3
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