What is your solution for dealing with the most annoying low elo dominating champions?

So I am a silver and I noticed a several picks that usually win no matter what their teammates do. I already hate these champion and want to know what should I have in mind trying to beat them, because they dominate my ELO. All of these champions are extremely easy to play, deal ridiculous amounts of damage and are very hard to kill. {{champion:54}} TANK who also goes full AP, deals so much damage and finally 1 shots our adc with R or R + flash. Literally 1 shot. Every time I was in a ranked game with malphite, he was being an assassin more than a tank. {{champion:11}} The story is known here, no counter play, while he just presses Q and finishes my entire team. I am 2 levels above him and have item advantage, he still kills me in 1v1 even though I am a 1v1 duelist bruiser who should be able to do something in this situation... Dominates every game unless the controlled by a mentally disabled person. {{champion:86}} Not much to say here, I tried him ONCE and won without any trouble. This champion is even easier to play than above mentioned and does not punish any mistakes especially because u can simply constantly spam your abilities without worrying about mana, and generally dominates my ELO. I understand there are more broken champs than these 3, but the problem with these 3 is that they are extremely easy to play, not punishing for mistakes and they feel too strong in my ELO, with no counterplay and generally unkillable. I do not hate yasuo at all, he requires some skill, something silver players dont have and yasuo usually ints hard in this elo. The last one I would put on this list is {{champion:75}} He doesnt get too much farm, he doesnt get any kills, he goes 0/5 at 15 minuets and then he proceeds to 1v5 us while being impossible to kill. I already searched internet for tips on this but nobody has anything except "just hard cc them" to say. And those people say this for every single champion. "That champion is OP? Just cc him and kill him". That is a lot easier said than done, mainly because these champions are so tanky they will not die in CC time and they have their ways to avoid CC's. Also qss is a thing, as cleanse is.
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