[Remastered] Full Karma Rework

This is my full Karma rework, that tries to solve all of Karma's current problems. I talk about them in the following threads: Karma's [DESIGN](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/agI4nqvk-an-indepth-look-on-karmas-problems-and-possible-solutions), her [PLACE IN PRESEASON](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/VuecKpm3-good-or-bad-karma-pre-season-thoughts), and [SHORT: KARMA'S PROBLEMS](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/hPB3Fk69-really-short-all-of-the-problems-in-karmas-kit) > # Short Overview = TL;DR I tried giving her the utility a support needs and fairer/more interesting damage options in mid, while bringing her more in line with her original design (duality/wisdom/leader/karma). * **Passive**: nerfed and moved to ultimate * **New passive: **collect stacks by assisting/team objectives to gain Karma related boni * **RQ**: Stuns instead of bonus damage, then increases damage taken * **W**: Execute damage instead of root. If targetting an ally, it heals the same way. * **RW**: Redirects a % of the damage to target enemies OR shares damage with target ally. * **RE**: Aoe shield removed, reintroduced shieldbomb with small slow. _____________________________ _____________________________ Please note that I've tried to keep the values realistic, but I am not a game designer. They might be too high/low for some abilities. > #PASSIVE: GATHERING FIRE ~~Karma reduces Mantra's cooldown every time she damages an enemy champion with an ability or basic attack.~~ Killing enemy champions grants Karma **[1 stack]** of Gathering Fire. Assists and team objectives grant Karma **[2 stacks]** of Gathering Fire. Every **[5 stacks]** of Gathering Fire Karma gains bonuses. * **5 Stacks:** Karma gains 5% CDR. * **10 Stacks:** Karma gains up to 40 AP based on missing HP. * **15 Stacks:** Karma gains 10% CDR. * **20 Stacks:** Karma gains up to 80 AP based on missing HP. * **25 Stacks:** Karma gains 20% CDR. * **30 Stacks:** Karma gains up to 140 AP based on missing HP. * **35 Stacks:** Karma can store up to two charges of Mantra. Mantra must be consumed before it can be cast again. * **40 Stacks:** Karma gains up to 200AP based on missing HP. * Gaining any additional stacks instead restores 20% of Karma's maximum Mana to her. ____________ _CONTEXT: The current passive is only an extension of Karma's ultimate. Unlike any other passive in the game, this does not add another aspect to the champion. I used this opportunity to work on Karma's building problems, her identity and playstyle. Currently Karma needs AP, CDR, mana and tankyness to use all aspects of her kit. This is too much to opt for. The CDR from the new passive should free her up a bit, as she wants 30-40% CDR anyways. To gain these values, however, I ask Karma players to work with their team. A good solo Karma will receive boni from this passive, but a Karma that ganks, groups and leads her team to objectives will get the most out of it. This is in line with her character design as a leader! Additionally, this makes a Support-Karma naturally more of a mage (less dependant on items) and asks Mid-Karma to play supportive, unifying her roles. And lastly, a snwoballing/lategame Karma seems toothless at best. Having a second Mantra charge should be a powerspike that needs to be respected (in an average game, only 25-30 stacks will be reached though)._ ____________ > #Q: INNER FLAME Unchanged > #RQ: SOULFLARE Upon impact or maximum range the projectile explodes ~~dealing bonus magic damage~~, creating a stasis that lasts for **0.75/1.0/1.25/1.5** seconds. Enemies caught within the stasis or entering it get stunned for the remaining duration. When the stasis ends it explodes, ~~dealing magic damage~~ debuffing enemies. All enemies hit take **15/20/25/30%** (+1% per 100AP) more damage from all sources (excluding true damage) for **2** seconds. _____________ _CONTEXT: Currently, Karma plays as a RQ bot. It's way too safe and deals too much damage, to be fair. This impacts her other abilities, as she is not allowed to deal much damage with other abilities. I consider this unhealthy design, that's why I removed it. Instead Karma gains powerful catch potential, that is needed on a support, and kill pressure in lane, so she can be taken seriously. Losing a lot of her poke seems to be a fair trade._ _____________ > #W: FOCUSED RESOLVE **Mana:** 70/80/90/100/110 **Cooldown:** 15/14/13/12/11 seconds * **Enemy:** Karma forms a tether between her and target enemy champion or monster dealing **60/110/160/210/260** (+60%AP) magic damage over **2** seconds, granting true sight for the duration. If the tether does not break, the target ~~is rooted in place~~ receives **6/7/8/9/10%** (+1% per 100AP) of their missing hp as magic damage (capped vs monsters). * **Ally:** Karma forms a tether between her and target ally or minion, healing both for **40/65/90/115/140** (+30%AP) over the duration. If the thether does not break they both heal for **10/12/14/16/18%** (+1% per 100AP) of their missing hp. * If Karma would kill an enemy while she is tethered to him, she donates the killing credit to any assisting ally instead. ________ _CONTEXT: The root doesn't do Karma any good. It's too slow and unreliable for a support, and doesn't reward Mid-Karma propperly. Especially now that the RQ damage is removed. Karma is a mage that mostly fights the enemy frontline, or needs damage that stays relevant without items (support). %health damage does both of this. To keep a duality aspect, but make it simple, I let her ally-tether mirror what the enemy-tether does. To retain her bait-nature, I used %missinghp. This makes her enemy-tether an execute. With the ability to donate kills to your ADC, this is not a problem though! To reward Karma for doing this, her new passive rewards assists more than kills._ ____________ > #RW: SPIRIT BOND ~~Upon activation and after 2s Karma heals for a part of her missing health.~~ ~~The root duration is increased.~~ * **Enemy:** Karma uses the connection with her foe, to transfer **30/40/50/60%** (+1% per 50AP) of the damage she would receive (before applying resistances) to the tethered target as magic damage instead. * **Ally:** Karma uses her powers to deepen the connection with her allies. **50%** of the damage Karma or her ally would receive is shared with the other. The tether reduces the transferred damage by **10/15/20/25%** (+1% per 50AP). If this damage would kill Karma's ally, the tether breaks instead. ______ _CONTEXT: Karma misses "unique" and "clutch" abilities. Also she misses an ability, that feels like real "Karma" = harming those that do harm, relieving those that suffer. This should solve both issues. A good Karma will be able to counter a Veigar ult. An unexperienced Karma will probably waste this ability. To have a propper way of protecting allies, this can also be used to share pain with allies, which - potentially - can get Karma killed. This is an ability that should allow Karma to protect your carries, even if played from behind._ ______ > #E: INSPIRE Unchanged. > #RE: DEFIANCE Inspire's shield overflows with energy increasing the initial shield by **40/100/160/220** (+30%). Additionally allied champions near the target are ~~shielded and~~ sped up by **60%** for **1.5** seconds. Enemy champions near the target receive **60/140/220/300** (+70%AP) magic damage and are slowed by **30%** for **1.5 **seconds. _____ _CONTEXT: Shieldbomb was one of Karma's defining characteristica, so I gave it back to her. With RQ being a damage amplifier, and RW being a damage redirection, she also needed a flat damage ability. RE used to be her best waveclear and a good duelling spell anyways. It was also a unique damage spell, in that it needs minions/allies to aim. I removed the AoE shield to make aiming this skill require more contextual decisions. Additionally, I think Sona and Janna already provide good teamprotection and THEY should prevail at this. Karma is more of an offensive support and AoE protection just doesn't fit. NOTE: Shieldbomb used to deal 60-300 +60% damage on top of the AoE shield until 5.10!!!_ ______________ > #R: MANTRA * **Passive:** By hitting enemies and coming into touch with their desires, Karma can recharge her Mantra faster. Hitting enemies with spells reduces the cooldown of your next Mantra by **2** seconds and **1** second for every auto attack. * **Active:**: Karma empowers her next basic ability within 8 seconds. _______ _CONTEXT: I nerfed her passive and moved it to her ult, because it mostly only interacts with it anyways. Note that all her Mantra effects now solely scale with her ult levels. This allows Karma to regains a strength again, that she should have; flexibility and wise decision making. Mid Karma needs to decide whether to amplify damage, redirect it or deal it herself. Support Karma needs to decide between hard CC, damage mitigation or mobility._ _________________ > # PLAYSTYLE **Solo Lane** Karma's poke is fairer now: Q needs propper aiming or usage of minions (for the AoE). She can also use RE on a minion, to deal some safe damage, but this needs the enemies to be close to a minion and leaves Karma immobile, without CC and protection. Karma can sustain herself with W, unless zoned from the minion wave. Killing the tethered minion can deny her too. For her all-in she needs to hit her RQ (that can't be guaranteed by W anymore) and try an execute with her W. Propper timing is necessary; the RQ debuff and the W damage both last for 2s. Using it too early guarantees unanswered damage, but neglects some of the improved damage. Hitting it too lates means, that RQ doesn't buff the exectue anymore, or that the enemy can possibly break the tether early. If ganked, you can use this combo to donate the kill to your jungler. This helps with your passive stacks, and your jungler will thank you! **Duo Lane** For the first time, Karma has some propper options to level in lane; her Q is best if she is able to land it, her W allows decent sustain and E is best for mobility and trades. Poking AND healing will be too mana costy. If she can hit an RQ, she needs her ADC to deal at least 167/500 damage, to reach the same damage values as RQ on life (25/75). In engages Karma has to decide whether to tether the key target and hope to kill it, or decide whether the heal might keep your ADC alive. Sharing damage bursts with RW is a great way to prevent your ADC from being blown up, but might get you killed too. Similarly, if they can hit you, but not the ADC, they still can damage him indirectly. If ganked, you need to decide who to shield with RE, as only one can get the shield, but both can get the speed. **Midgame** Karma profits a lot from grouping. Getting bot tower, then dragon, then going mid can easily grant her free stacks for her passive. Being involved in as many objectives as possible will make Karma naturally stronger and more useful. Propper vision control can also help Karma make catches, similar to other supports. As soon as you get more AP from your passive, you might want to build more tanky, to make the most out of it. **Teamfights** This is arguably Karma's strength, but requires a lot of decision making. All of her Mantra spells have multiple uses, that are mutually exclusive: RQ can catch people, help burst key targets or protect your key targets with the stun. RW can punish someone for focusing you or help protect a caught ally. RE can damage the enemy frontline and protect your diver, help your group catch up to the diving ally or protect an allied carry and burst the assasin in his face. Karma can have all of it, but only one of it. Deciding wisely and understanding the nuances will make or break Karma players. _____________________________ ____________________________ #AFTERMATH If you like this rework and want it ingame, please vote this thread up. If you disagree on certain parts, please let me know, so I can improve this post. If you don't think Karma should be changed, please visit my other threads (links above) and adress my reasoning there. Thanks for reading, SilverSquid
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