Why does Evelynn feel so clunky?

There are 3 things that I love about {{champion:28}} 1. She's an assassin with **perma stealth**. 2. Her ultimate is just awesome. 3. She's both sexy and badass. That being said, playing as Evelynn doesn't feel smooth at all. Clearing through the jungle feels clunky and ganking feels really awkward. And the biggest problem stems on her W. Want to proc that big damage on a jungle camp? Hang around it for 2,5 sec first before you can attack it. Or you want to gank an enemy laner? Again, hang around for that 2,5 sec while watching him make a run for it. Sure, you don't _need_ to use your W on either case, but she loses so much power if you decide to clear camps or gank enemies without procing the fully charged W. The biggest strength of stealth is the element of surprise. That makes Evelynn's W quite counter intuitive. That's my 2 cents about Evelynn. What are your thoughts on Evelynn? Do you enjoy playing as her?
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