Why are ORBs Decreasing in Value but Increasing in price?

I've noticed since the Odyssey event (the latest I could remember, if it doesn't have orbs dont hate me I might be confusing it with another that came shortly after like the summer event) that the custom event Orbs have "increased" in price and decreased in quality. What I mean is, they take less tokens to craft but you don't get as many tokens, for the previous events I could get 2 maybe 3 orbs throughout the duration of the entire event however, for these latest events after the recent changes to token rewards I can barely get a single orb. Also the orbs dont give as good skins as they used to, I remember getting 2-3 quality skins from an orb and maybe a chance for a bag and now all I get is 700 RP skins and with some luck, a 900 rp skin. Why?
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