dorans ring supports in ranked should get timeouts and then bans if they continue

Picking support and starting dorans ring essentially means you have no support for the whole game which means 0 vision so the enemy jungler and solo laners have a field day. It means that the player in question is not playing the role they were assigned but are instead playing as a secondary midlaner who is permanently behind in levels and items therefore they are unable to impact the game at all as they have no wards from quest items. Unless ofc they farm in lane which is even worse because that means you are putting the most item reliant champions in the game behind their opponents adc in farm which means they will have less impact in the late game which is essentially surrendering every late game fight. And to those non botlaners who will say "dude it's just off meta stuff and you're being %%%%%y" imagine if you were playing jungle and someone followed you and smited all your camps is that just "off meta" or how would you like a lane partner in your solo lane putting you behind in levels and taking farm from you.
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