Aatrox the Walking useless champion

He is so bad on this season the KIT is shit only "W" is fine. Every champ can easy counter him on lvl 3 with his passive on and life steal. Jax Riven Panth Maokai Malphite Renekton Garen Nasus even Poppy YES POPPY Volibear Darius they all counter him hard they can kill aatrox on lvl 3 and you calling Aatrox a top laner ? he is so useless piece of shit please rework or something the Dark flight CD is High and Low dmg. Same with E This AOE slow so disappointing at least it should mark enemy or something for more bonus dmg and The ULTIMATE SKILL!! THANKS for the Attack speed and the Life Steal BUT WHERE IS THE DMG ??? please fix this broken useless champ
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