LOOOOOL, so they finally NERFED her completely, and now she is useless. I mean after ulting her W is nothing, basically nothing, no dmg, u just cast ultimate and run behind enemies because she deals no more dmg... why then {{champion:78}} POPPYYYYY is not nerfed??? nobody can 1vs1 her but somehow everyone hangs on rare champions neck's, why RITO you cannot focus on {{champion:55}} KATARINA? {{champion:238}} ZED? {{champion:157}} YASUO? I mean u just hit keyboard and get penta.. why other champs get nerfed and reworked.. better create new champs instead of totally destroying old ones..what about{{champion:25}} MORGANA's stun for 5 sec when it's probably impossible to survive if she is not alone around... somehow{{champion:55}} KATARINA's rework made her insanely strong with NO MANA and all that jumping around, zed too... yasuo also.. all champs without mana are OP because they gain advantage in lane while their enemy with mana struggles without mana and abilities leaving only chance to hit something with basic attack?, but yea, now shyvana has cooldown as turtle and reduced dmg, probably the most useless champ so far touched by your talented hands. hmm what else.. yea. ZYRA{{champion:143}} .. another my main, u destroyed her and thx to you now she is total support with useless spruds of flowers that enemies step on. her ultimate does low dmg, her all abilities does SO MUCH LESS dmg... u made her total support and that is horrible, better concentrate to creating new champs.. people spend years in mastering champs and you suddenly change them to worse.. how can we keep up with this game that drops bombs like these few times per year... I gave my all heart to this post..but from my experience you never listen to most of players that contact you RIOT.. {{item:2049}} Next thing I smell is Teemo nerf, but that would be just ridiculous if you nerf surprisingly all my mains to noobs like aurelion sol or camille.{{summoner:3}} {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:3}} {{item:3070}}
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