Season 2 vs Season 6: Game is too boring

1) Damage Comparison: Season 2 : 1vs1 fights last 3 sec. Season 6 : 1vs1 fights last 0.5 sec. 2) Mobility Comparison: Season 2 : 375 movement speed. Season 6 : 450 movement speed. 3) Range / Kite Comparison: Season 2 : some champions have range. Season 6 : all champions have range, even melee kill you outside the screen. Season 7 : we haz better graphics, decreased max zoom distance to get a better angle at boobs. 4) Support Uselessness: Season 2: bottom lane support could have same gold as mid if it got kills. Season 6: farming > kills. Supports are gold starved and useless. Only Hp Supports exist. Why? Hp per level nerf, you gain less hp upon leveling at low levels. Anything with a brain will 1shot you. 600 hp at lv4 too op. New Meta: Season 7 : champions now start the game with 10000 movement speed, removed range requirement for skills, all skills are now global. allies are now omnipresent, they can reach every part of the map in 0 sec instead 3 sec like in season 6. 2d map now covers the entire screen. switched to black and white colors. split into 3x3 tiles. renamed the game to tic tac toe. reduced client file size from 8 gb to 8 byte. Conclusion: Game got homogenized to death. Stat Stick matters more than decision, skills, plays. High Skillcap game: killing goomba in super mario takes 2 clicks [jump, move forward]. killing people in lol takes 1 click.
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