[S6] No fun anymore, OP Champs win the Game

So i started playing Lol back in Season 3 and had a break of 6 months in Season 5. Now in Preseason 6 i started playing again and now im ranked in S4 which im okay with from Gold 5 Season 5. But fun has ended, i played 40 rankeds since Placements and if you dont pick the stupidly OP champs like {{champion:122}} , {{champion:77}} , {{champion:5}}, {{champion:223}} (srsly who designed Tahm Kench, 0/5 and still reks the other Toplaner with 4/1) you will probably lose the game right away. Since im a person who likes to switch champions after 3 games of the same i cant really play that game anymore and most of the time it ends in rage... LoL in gerneral died for me i just play it because my GF wants me to do it sometimes but for me, riot has f*cked up that game..{{item:3151}}
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