Smite Buffs

The very idea of smite buffs, and only one smite per team, was a great idea to give junglers power at various points in the game and various styles of play. The "fruit" idea of mixing up the jungle gives is inkeeping with the direction of RNG determining the game rather than player skill. In my opinion the RNG involved in dragon types added a good adaption due to different team compositions preferring different types of drake or just the raw power of the elder dragon. The major argument of changing the jungle was it was hard to learn, but jungling is a position that very few go straight into with no prior experience and the buffs were pretty self explanatory in how they were set out: Vision - Raptor and Wolf, Combat Krug and Gromp. This is the view of a non jungler. Let me know if my observations are unpopular or you prefer the season 7 jungle changes.
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