Swain Rework

Is it just me, or the Swain rework made him a lot weaker? The damage of Torment ability seems like a joke(or at least in early to mid game, couldn't get through late game), Beatrice has a pretty low range for the slow, and low damage, and the delay on Swain ulti and the fact ravens can only hit a target once a second, is again a kinda big nerf (again just my opinion). I only managed to play one game with him, and as Swain main, i did absolutely terrible. I played Vladimir and Malzahar and they both seem extremely powerful, or at least much more powerful than before. I thought the mage rework in this patch should make the mage champions a bit more strong, but I think it was more like a nerf for Swain. Maybe it will take time for me to play him better, or I just had an awful game there. What's your opinion on this?
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