Here is why Galio isn't as bad as people think he is.

I don't care that I'm low elo. I will just explain why is he good in my low elo experiences. Just read up and tell me what do you think. 1) Galio doesn't suck when picked into AD. If you are smart you still can lane decently. And the passive is helping, but it doesn't mean you musst buy magic resistance. Of course buying it is nice, however buying armor won't kill you or something. 2) Galio has an inlane sustain(from a small one to a big one). After I max my Q out, I start maxing W and E repeadetly. 3) Great damage 4) Can't blame that he is immobile, he has a small movement speed buff and it's your problem when you don't ward and get ganked. 5) The heal is pretty great when maxed out, and it gives you a nice bonus armor and magic resistance. Can make your AD carry or someone else tanky. 6) Galio's heal counters the item {{item:3151}}. When it procs you can understand it by that there is a small fire under you. Activate your shield when Liandry's is applied on you. It won't damage but heal you. 7) Use W against a single or few minions to heal without getting damaged. 8) Ultimate should be placed well and you have to know what are you doing, again your fault when it gets interrupted. 9) Ultimate can easily turn teamfights around 10) Galio's mana costs are pretty bad, but it's not a problem. Poke not too much to have mana. It's your fault when you run oom(out of mana) fast. 11) To previous point. You don't have to spam the abilities to win it, freezing or just defending the lane is enough. You can wait for jungler to gank and save mana 'til the gank. 12) Don't start {{item:1056}}, ofc you'll run out of mana fast. I usually start {{item:2041}} x2{{item:2004}} and x1{{item:2003}} 13) His Q and E are kinda easy to land. "The will of Demacia." - {{champion:3}} Please leave feedback :)
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