Hey Supports!

I'm a main support, I love the utility champs above every other kind. But lately I feel like something's off. New gold items are great for supports to stay at pace with their team but... don't you feel like any mid laner could just take sup place, play supportive and get enough stuff to be an ap carry in mid/late, controlling the bot lane in a way that just overwhelmes you? Veigar, Heimerdinger, Mao... whoever comes down has enough power in their kit to make a regular bot duo suffer AND thanks to supp items now gets all the gold/exp they want. I'm not just talking about poke lanes. I mean, they've always been there, aggressive and hard to cc without a sustainer. I'm talking about (eg) a Mao throwing a plant thingy that deals half a life of an adc or squishy sup since lv1, having enough mana to keep doing that without slowing his pace while the squishy supp (let's say a Nami) drains her mana out trying to keep the adc hp decent while he tries to farm a bit. Dunno, i've never been a whiner and i've been playing supp since season 3 and never noticed this lack of balance before last improvements to supp items, which were actually designed for support champs. Feels frustrating, man... I'd like to hear some opinions from Supports expecially >.< Am i just impatient/unlucky?
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