Ofcourse ban me riot, the person that DOES care.

Listen this isnt a whine thread, (well in a way it is) But i have to get it off my chest. You opened flex Q. Now i have been getting bad game after bad game and just lost 6 out of last 7 because of mostly trolls and people that LEGIT SAY ''i dont care its flex Q'' think i got trolled in 5 out of 6, leavers, ragers, feeders, and people that just dont care. So what happens when u get this day in day out and dont go up because a HUGE ammount of your games are toxic? you flame, unless you have some incredible patience and huge amount of time. Yet riot points with their finger saying ''you shouldnt flame'' the question is WHY do people flame riot. On top of that the Q is poor. silvers get matched with diamonds still, bronze with golds and what not. This is very frustrating, today alone i had about 3 games where atleast 3 guys went 1/11. i dont know how the hell the system thinks someone like that is of my skill level. It is very poor matchmaking. people dont listen, they dont wanna hear advice, if you say something normal they see it as flame and say ''stfu noob watch your own game'' i had my limit seriously and now i got a 14 days suspension, 14 days though really? cant it start with 2 days or something. however the constant flow of people that dont care and troll in flex caused me to flame and now me (the guy that wants to win, and lead and carries) gets punished. imo this is unfair. if they wouldnt troll or feed 0/12 etc so many times then i wouldnt have to flame at all. and ofcourse you can ''have a bad game'' though its often not just 1 guy that hardcore feeds but more, and will happen again in the next game, also they just dont learn and cost u the game they dont adapt. and die die. plus if i could speak on a normal way with them things would be way more relaxed. This has been bugging me for ages. also many times people say ''its just a game'' Sure, for a part i agree. HOWEVER there is ranked for a reason, ranked is about WINNING you should do whatever u gotta do to win. u wanna try new champs, mess about and have fun then normal and custom is your friend. But in flex this all seems 5x worse. the big majority of the games are rubbish, trolled or just complete and utter stomps. But sure ban me 14 days for actually trying to play it. Noone forces me to flame, yes i am aware and yes im aware i can mute, however i can NOT mute their actions, or their ping spamming, or the trolling etc. i as a human have a limit and alas, will get mad.. even more so cus it happens so many games in a row and it stops you from going up. Would love some good comments so we can share thoughts.
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