Urf, the gamemode most desired by the playerbase

Let's talk about URF. So for sure as many know URF is the most requested gamemode by the League of Legends playerbase. Many people got mad about URF becoming ARURF, some preferred it, some dislike both. A while back Riot explained removing regular URF because of the drop of players after URF. (Very overly short conclusion to the full explanation). But I'm not here to discuss which is better, I am here to talk about it in general. I have always loved URF, always looking forward to it, had a decent time on it and it felt good. Yet since season 8, urf has just become, eh, dissapointing to say the least. Still looked forward to it, but after playing more than 10 games tilted just as hard as on Ranked games. Now that urf is back I've been trying to figure out if it really is the mode tilting me or just League in general. In fact, it's the mode. First of all, there are for sure some broken champions in this mode. Some you don't instantly think of and some quite obvious. I am not gonna say which ones because for each person the 'broken champions' can differ, allthough many champs will be put in most people's broken champion pool. Secondly, matchups. I play a lot of aram, and in 95% of the games, the games are NOT decided in champ select (against popular belief). In urf however, you lose because of matchups. If you play 2 melee without gapclosers against a lux morgana, you will lose lane and if your other lanes didnt win you will lose the game aswell. Sure there are easy counters to some hard lanes such as rotating, playing passive and overall team synergy. But come on it's urf. It's everything except coordinated playstyles. This is why you either stomp or get stomped. Third of all, and probably the biggest reason my URF experience being worse this season compared to previous onces is the snowball and early ending games. In normal summoners rift games are often decided in 10-15 minutes and with that lead snowball to victory in 25ish minutes. I see the same pattern happening in URF. You lose, and you lose hard. Comebacks dont happen. In ranked games this already feels awful, not only to get stomped, but also to stomp. Its boring. In URF everything is just amplified, snowball is bigger, and it feels even worse since you feel helpless. This is why I think URF should be changed. Maybe introduce bans, maybe change the mode or have a separate balancing for it. Or in the worst case just remove the mode. I'm pretty sure changing URF to ARURF only made the loss in players less. So yes, these changes above, or the removal of the mode seems likely to me, since Riot wants to have as many players as possible. PS: Don't get me wrong I still love the mode, I just think it's not as fun as it should be. Sorry about the rant and thanks for reading. Post your opinion below, I'll read them all. Greetings
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