Trinity on Yasuo mid

Hey, I had a discussion on youtube about Trinity Yasuo and I would like to continue it here as well. Here is my post: "What people don't realize is that Yasuo's early game got exponentially buffed by the IE crit changes. Crit is the stat that's most worth on him as it's multiplied by 2, making all sources of crit double effective. Now that Statikk IE gets you to 80% crit, you can rune for 10% crit and start the game with a whopping 20%. Before it wasn't as good because you couldn't rune for that much crit without going over the 100% cap with your items. I've played at least 400 games like this with him now in Diamond 3 and I can't complain. The early crits are more often than you'd think. Of course, you never RELY on it until you get the 100% with Statikk + IE. But you will see what I'm talking about when you get 2 crits in a trade. Sometimes you can even get easy fb at level 1 with a crit and starting E. So, instead of focusing on getting 100% crit through another, more expensive item than your biggest powerspike which delays it even more, you should just run these runes and rush Statikk IE when fed or Statikk Cutlass IE when behind. The damage you have is guarranteed to crit. Also, about Triforce build path being "better" than IE - Phage is an item that gives a little HP, AD and MS on hit. It costs about 100g less than a B.F. Sword, which gives A LOT more AD and builds into IE. The only thing that makes this item good is the passive and that's only when there's nothing to dash to. If you max E with Yasuo you should have no problems manouvering throughout the enemy team and minions. Sheen is worthless if you don't buy it all at once and you pay 1200 gold only for the passive and some little damage on E from the AP. Zeal is good, but you already have a Statikk, and at this point if you need more AS you should go for BotRK and if you need more crit you should just buy an agility cloak for 730. The finished Triforce is overall strong, but the damage is not near enough the damage of a finished IE, and to be viable as a melee hypercarry you need the big damage. You have a shield that resets on your ultimate, don't forget. 300 or so HP from Triforce won't make you that much more survivable, it's just an illusion. What makes you survivable is being able to output tremendous amounts of damage which allows you to almost one shot the people caught in your ult BEFORE your shield runs out, and then your usage of E, W, Exhaust and Flash. Even if you die after ulting 3-4 people and bringing them to 20% or killing them, it will single-handedly win the teamfight because you take that many people out of the teamfight with just your own damage. Your role is to be the teamfight beast. If you go Tri, you delay that huge powerspike by about the same amount of time. Tri and IE are about the same price. And your enemy is building more armor while you are wasting time with Tri. And IE also synergizes with the Statikk crit. I would run Statikk Trinity with AS runes only on Yasuo top and proceed to build him fulltank after that. Bruiser Yasuo is a thing with these 2 items, because they give more sustained damage and you need to be tanky to do sustained damage. I've tried it and had pretty good results - it was very hard to kill me and my Sheen crits went for about 500. But I had resists to back up the HP from Tri and later I bought even more HP. It's really strong. But in the midlane you need a damage dealer who wrecks teamfights or has zone control, burst." What do you think?
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