SO lots of people are going on about how Mordekaiser is OP...

and he certainly is strong, but id just like to point out that, according to, Tyrandamere Tahm Kench Malzahar Volibear Rumble Maokai Vi Udyr Lux Nunu Sona Jinx Kayle Sivir Twitch Karma Aurelion Sol Kog'Maw Bard and Janna all have higher winrates than Mordekaiser. I can honestly say ive only ever seen calls for nerfs for maybe 3 or 4 of these listed champs. Hell he has only 0.1% over Ahri, who is one of the most low-key broken champions in the game, but barely anyone complains about her. Just a little perspective for you guys. He loses to any champ with half decent poke as long as you're not dumb enough to get caught in his E which has a 24 second cool-down at rank 1, and wont realistically have less than a 14 second cool-down by the tail end of the laning phase.
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