The damage in the game.

I really find out that the damage in the game is really very high. I think that killing must be harder than this and with more counterplay. You always get 1 shotted or instakilled with a combo just because of that damage. RIOT found out that their tanks damage is very high and ridiculous and that APs too. Instead of nerfing that shit they just added the lethality thing to make more 1 shots and more league of no counterplay. This is messed up and I know that my article will be ignored. I didnt play in season 2 but as what I heard that for killing u needed skill and time to make it. People are getting bored of instakilled and instakilling. Its going to a way that its not a matter of skills but the matter of the OP dmg you have. People qre getting bored of the game really fast because of that and I know some friends who quitted and others who play very rare. As an AP syndra main with my long journey of one shotting I never found it fun and I dont think getting one shotted does too.
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