Leagues most overlook/underplayed champions, (Your Opinions Please!)

So, in your opinion, who are on your list of being the most overlook or underplayed champions in LOL?. This could be because you feel they have great synergy with the current meta, an overlooked kit, or you just feel they are good old fashioned OP. Reasons for your choices are encouraged too!. Mine would be... {{champion:131}} - Ok. so its not like you NEVER see her, but in my experience she is quite "rare". My personal current mid lane pick. Nice damage. and natural tankiness, and tremendous all in potential. Slightly weaker pre 6, but always relevant after that. Can fill Top - Mid and Jungle well. {{champion:154}} - Jungle, built as an AP carry rather than a tank. Zac was the first champ I have gotten to level 5 mastery. Every single game I played I built prioritising damage over tank. Unlimited gank potential, and disgusting disgusting damage when built with damage in mind. E (direct hit) - W - Q, will delete squishies, use your Ultimate after this combo, to split up the enemy team, whilst bouncing around hurting everyone hit. Its a risky build, miss your E and you could be in trouble, but victory favours the bold, and if your good at predicting enemy movement paths, AP Zac can be very rewarding. Thoughts?. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is an opinion thread. You can agree or disagree with each other, but its pointless arguing about it. Opinions are not necessarily right or wrong.
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