Can we just admit the game's philosophy in general is poorly designed?

I understand it's a long post but if you got time I'd appreciate to hear your thoughts on this. **TLDR The game itself allows players to build Tank and deal damage because it's just more efficient, and simply put, easier. The champions themselves are not to blame, but it's how the game works overall that is at fault. Tanks should be tanks and deal minimum damage. And "carries" should be the one dealing damage. Juggernauts are the exceptions... except everyone that builds tank + 1 damage item feels like a juggernaut currently. ** I believe that the game's identity is poorly designed because through the use of specific items, masteries, and also a Champion's kit + scaling, some champions are free to build tank/y or defensive items and output a decent amount of damage (in some cases a pretty relevant amount of damage). My point is that the issues people have don't lie only with a specific champion being overpowered, or having an overloaded kit. So asking for constant nerfs, or for a champion to be removed from the game is wrong. Blaming the champion itself for balance issues outside the champion's actual control makes no sense. In my opinion the issue resides in said Champion having a strong kit but also **MOST** importantly in the addition of keystones like Fervor, even Grasp, and Thunderlord. These keystones grant even Tanks or Tanky champions extra damage, and I just don't see why they need to. EDIT: and let's not forget Herald Buff as well. Also items such as {{item:3068}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3071}} and even {{item:3078}} allow a Tank/y, Bruiser, or whatever you want to label a champion as, to be and feel unkillable while dishing out huge amount of damage. For example those items offer good defensive stats while at the same time giving strong offensive results, which inevitably lead to Tanky champions being obnoxious and really powerful if ahead. Take Tank Ekko as an example, since he is receiving alot of hate recently, and I don't blame the people that dislike him. He is incredibly strong, and I'm an Ekko main admitting it. However people saying Ekko is broken, or wanting Ekko to be nerfed or reworked might be getting carried away a little by their dislike for the champion. Ekko does have a strong kit sure, but he is perfectly balanced compared to other AP champions. He is tricky to play efficiently and at a high level if built AP. It's TANK EKKO that people despise. **His "overpowered" state comes from the UNION of his strong, useful, "overloaded" -as some say- kit, AND the Masteries and Items the game offers. ** That's the true problem. AP Ekko can be a monster if he snowballs if built full AP, but he is easy enough to handle due to his squishiness, and somewhat predictable approach to what he will do, even with his Ultimate helping him out. I don't want this post to be just about Ekko, that was just an example since I play him alot. However think about the new trend that of Tanksuo/Bruiser Yasuo. He feels tanky, yet still does damage. Tank Fizz, same deal. Other champions like Akali, Diana, hell I've even witnessed a Kassadin go for a pretty tank focused build and still demolish an enemy squishy in a few seconds. Do you see where I'm getting at? The game itself allows players to build their champions tanky, which results in the champion to be and feel harder to kill, but the lack of damage you would expect is not always noticeable. That is not the CHAMPION'S fault. Ignoring the Assassin-Tanks, which surge in popularity every now and then, other champions have/create this same problem. This approach to itemization, scaling, and champions' base damages leads to many "Tanks" having a larger impact throughout the game than they should. A full tank Malphite combo will demolish an ADC (for example). Even a Sejuani, a Zac, a Volibear, etc, do a large amount of damage to a squishy considering how tanky they are. Why is that? Why can a Defensive champion deal a good amount of damage to a squishy, while the squishy can't deal a good amount of damage to a Tank without the appropriate items? "Because the squishy has no resistances, so he will take more damage" I've heard people say. Well.. the tank (most of them) has no offensive items, or only 1.. so following that logic they shouldn't deal any damage. Just appying the same exact logic the other way around. No resistances = take damage. Then no Damage items = no damage. Or at least that's the way it should be. And that's how it is in many many games world wide. If you're a tank, you're a tank. The team doesn't need you to destroy a squishy. Going back to the Malphite example, he doesn't need THAT damage. He's got a solid engage that sets up for many combos in game. I've seen Malphites unleash their full power on an enemy squishy, and all I had to do was basically last hit the target Malphite basically killed. Doens't make sense to me. The engage is great, but I as the "carry" should be the one dishing out damage, not the one cleaning up the fight. (If Malph is AP then sure I wouldn't be surprised if he does alot of damage, but full tank with maybe even just Abyssal Sceptre is kinda overkill to deal so much damage). Sorry for the long post but I really wanted to leave this out here, interested to think if anyone agrees/disagrees with my point of view, all opinions are welcome.
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