How can I accurately get the number of hours played? :(

I've been playing this game since 2010 and I can't believe I didn't qualify for the tier II emote at least... I only got the first tier, for 500 hours of play. But my other two friends that play this game only since 2015 or so have got tier II and tier III emotes... Also, I know a friend who started playing only this June (he doesn't think he even reached 200 hours of play), and got the first tier like me, so it feels kind of bad man to play since 2010 and only get the tier I emote as well... Is there any website that can give a plausible amount of hours played? Or at least a website that can indicate the number of games I played? This way, I could at least approximate the actual hours of playtime, being number of games multiplied by lets say 20 min, all divided by 60 to get the actual no. of hours Thank you very much in advance!
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