League of Legends is sh*t.

Before you read the main body of this post, please understand that I used to be an avid LoL player. I was a main ADC that loved playing Kalista, Draven, Vayne and others. The main reason I got angry at this game was after a game a few days ago, where **THREE** of my teammates left my ranked game, leaving us 2v5 and causing us to lose. They were reported and nothing happened to them. Reasons LoL is sh*t: - Every champion is over powered as shit; Miss Fortune has an ultimate which deals 75% AD + 20% AP over 3 seconds. Garen can spin to deal half your health, right click, then press R and you are dead. You all get mad at Yasuo, Akali, Shaco, Kat, Vayne, Ahri, Vel Koz, Brand, and so many other champions so you can't even argue that against that point. - The community is absolutely awful. You make one bad play and the entire team will begin flaming you as it seems every fucking LoL player is toxic, Half the time you don't even make a bad play and everyone flames anyway. - The matchmaking is literally the sh*ttest thing in the world, I'd probably get matched better if I went to an ISIS fighting pit. the fact that you can get put against plat players as a Bronze 5 shows how awful it is. Every game I play I'm against decent players and I have a bad team; OR they have a SH*T team but I happen to have an even worse team somehow. Even if you win the damn games, it's rarely down to skill and having a competitive game with skillful players who value you for your skill and not luck, overpowered champions and "lag" and "glitches". - Games are supposed to be fun and enjoyable, they're supposed and help you relax and kill free time, they're supposed to help free and relax your mind. How many games have both of you played? I know I'm nearing a thousand matches, and many other players have a similar number to that, most have even more. Now how many of those games and hours spent have you actually enjoyed? How many made you joyous and a happier person? And how many have just made you angry and frustrated like I am now? When I first got into LoL I loved it, but time and time again of being put into and against toxic, flaming and unskilled teams, I'm just sick of the game and RIOT can go and f*ck itself and learn how to enforce rules. Of course this is a personal opinion and loads of people will disagree with me on it, but the fact of the matter is what I am saying is true and is a reality, no one can say they have never gotten mad at a champion or a player, at how they get put in and against bad teams, with teams of trolls and flamers and the sort. ** BASICALLY**, all I am saying, is that over the years, the game has become awful. Save your time.
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