Jaurim's Fist

Simple. Make {{item:3052}} meele only. I mean, why isnt it meele only already? Like, {{item:3748}} is meele only because of the Tiamat, and not so long ago {{item:3053}} was made meele only too. So why is that the most broken thing (slow on hit) that contains a lesser-item that is also in two meele only items, is not meele only yet. Like, you wanna go defensive? GA. Need hp? Well, you dont, you have an option to build life steal as an adc, why do you need hp? Not only that its broken (except its kind of a waste regarding damage), it just makes no sense. If any Rioter with a simple sense of the game sees this, we could get somewhere. It would be a nice step to balance the meele-ranged difference
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