TFT quality of life

Hello, i’m here to give some ideas I would like to see in TFT that would improve the game imo 1) TAB: let us use the TAB key to quickly see all other players’ units (maybe even already in order of how many HP they have just like we already see them on the right of the screen) 2) ARMOR AND MR: I would like to see how much armor and magic resist a champion has, not only his HP (and why not, other stats like AD) 3) PVP: when facing another player, please make sure I do NOT fight him again in the next round. Many times one round is not enough to change the result of the battle and if I lost before then I’m gonna lose again 4) RNG: a good RNG component is important, but it shouldn’t be game changing! Sometimes I see people having 6 items after the first 3 minions waves, and sometimes they only have 1 item (that they got at the start of the game). You can change the drop rate in a way that is similar to the crit chance in LOL: if i’m not getting enough crits for my crit chance then the next auto is a forced crit; in the same way if I haven’t got an item in a long time my chances to find one become bigger 5) RIGHT CLICK: let us use the right button on champs in the shop too. Sometimes I forget what class or a race does and my bench is full so I cannot buy it but I want to read his synergies before buying it. Also I would like to see the champ HP before buying it for example or how much mana it has 6) REMOVE CHAMP # LIMITS: I understand you want this to be part of the game, but this way luck is too involved in vicotory... if an enemy finds some Draven before me and he buys them before me even tho he doesn’t have any imperial he is going to destroy my entire work (because maybe I had Darius, Katarina and Swain but my poor luck prevented me from finding draven so now i’m gonna lose just because I have bad luck and my chances are lower...). Maybe instead of having a limited number of same units a viable in the shop for all players, reduce this number and make it personal (I mean: not shared between all players, like I can only find max 12 Darius)... idk this is not too important... 7) ENEMY SYNERGIES: maybe you can add a feature that shows us only which synergies a player has a viable by hovering the cursor on their sprite on the right of the screen (I mean things like: Nobile, Demon, Ranger, etc...) 8) SHOW RANGE: let us know what range do units have, and maybe even for spells, like I don’t know what range does Katarina R have 9) ITEMS AUTO COMBINE: sometimes I want to give my Ashe two recurve bows, but I don’t wanna make a rapid fire cannon. Let me combine the items manually 10) MAP COLOR: give a different color to my position on the map please. Sometimes when we are all in the middle I want to check my board again but I waste a lot of time looking for it because I forgot to check if I was in the top right corner, or somewhere else; if my position had a different color it would be a lot faster Thank you for reading, I hope these ideas are interesting enough to become part of the game
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