3v3 Ranked Team Restriction? Better lift it A.S.A.P!

Hello, I am a regular ** 3v3 ranked player** with my two teammates, our progress is encouraging and exciting. The new time restriction concerning the ranked games ** applied to the 3v3 queue ** fell down to us as ** terrible news**. ** These schedules do not allow us to continue to play together to League of Legends ** in good conditions for various reasons (work, life rhythm ...), I went to meet and talk about it with members of other 3v3 teams and all the community joins me. The 3v3 community feels ignored for a long time, even abused by now, and goes to react with very negative feedback. I understand that this restriction helps to balance the dynamic queue/ ranked teams in 5v5 ranked queue ** but the 3v3 queue is absolutely not concerned by this balancing ** and must be treated separately. ** Is it possible to reconsider this choice and lift the restriction on the 3v3 queue? ** I sign this message with ** great hope** and thank you in advance if you came to read this line, AnseIme, self-proclaimed spokesperson of the entire 3v3 community.
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