How do i end the game?

So basically being the end of the season (I think) i get a lot of provisional rank people in my team, silvers and it's probably because my low MMR, i am gold 4 btw but says i should be gold 5. So i've had this beautiful win streak of like 8 games with my main garen-boy (ed, edd and eddy reference, remember? *hint* it was ralph). {{champion:86}} The last game i've had quite a situation, i pretty much single carried the game getting most turrets, inhibs and pointing my team in the right direction, now, the first inhib was down by 16 minutes and the rest of them by 21, the problem? the game lasted up to 36 minutes. How do i end the game when i have a great lead, but my team is meh, since they never grouped, we even got baron and 3 inhibs down but the adc was jungling, the mid laner was dying solo in the bot side where there was reaally nothing to take and the jungle ended up 1/7. (also the adc did the least damage in the team) LUCKY FOR THEM, I HAD A PLAN, i told them i'd go afk if they didn't all unite mid and through fear everything can be achieved. {{champion:56}} {{champion:9}} But other than that, i was pretty fed but being gold 4 i am not the master mind with game mechanics and things, how do i use my advantage in a way to end the game, and with advantage i mean , i was 9/2 and could pretty much one shot ANYONE in their team, even 1vs2 and 1vs3 if i had some help like a heal or something. Also, got any videos that could help me out?
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