Is Yasuo broken?

I played 1 vs 1 with vayne vs yasuo and I must say that yasuo looks quite op. He got his shield from the passive plus his skill which blocks the attacks for some good seconds and that tornado + ult combo which is devastating. That tornado yes it can be dodged but not always depending on how close is to you which is not a real problem since he can dash through minions so fast and throws the tornado and u can t avoid it and sometimes he can throw the tornado trying to predict where u will go and sometimes he can succeed. The problem is also that ult Jeez I had almost full hp at lv 18 full build both and one tornado then ult i died almost instant lol. I swear yasuo deals way more dmg than an adc which is weird adc is called like that for a reason but yasuo hits worse than an adc I find it very weird. What s the purpose of an adc if other kind of champion has more damage? Tbh that double crit one shield from passive and other one from skill seems rlly much plus the fact he can dash so quick through the minions and that ult is devastating. Especially in early-mid game i noticed that my dmg I deal against him compared with his dmg against me is a joke lol. Can someone give me some tips maybe? Or is nothing I can do with Vayne against Yasuo 1 vs 1? I m not very good with vayne but not very bad either. Ik vayne is very difficult to play with since you need to know some mechanics very good but still the damage I deal is nothing compared with the damage he deals against me at least in early-mid game then I get some dmg too but later one tornado and ult on me and I m dead instantly lol..
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