A "few" thoughts on the new season

S10 just started, but i think there are some pretty questionable issues all over the place, a lot of them were already known in past seasons, yet no solution was found, some are new instead. Let's start from balance, the BIGGEST issue i think out of all, since s7 if i remember well, the midseason assassin rework made that class dominant, and with the new runes they became even stronger, they are so OP because of the snowball potential, creating unpleasant situations when an evelynn 15/0 kills you again, and again, and again, just because she was in the right place at the right moment and got a single kill, maybe last hitting the enemy toplaner after he solo killed his opponent. You walk there, press some buttons, maybe have to flash, get a kill, get 6, get camouflage, go roam around the map killing every single enemy you can, repeat the last step till win. And it's so frustrating to have to deal with a fed assassin, i think the best examples of this are akali and katarina, their insane DPS, mobility which either allows them to chase you from 2000 units afar, or dodge every single one of your abilities while depleting your hp bar, turn the classic fight or run situation into a big "YOU DIED", and you can't fkin do sht, like, no. Don't believe me? You build MR? They still kill you because you're never gonna tank enough to walk to safety. You run? As i said you can't since they're faster. You f.... fi.... fight? Hehehe.... sure.... gl with that. And they're all the same, get a kill then roam, use mobility to reach targets, kill targets, repeat, no counterplay but plenty of katarina 1v5 montages jumping 6 times and ulting 2 in 4 fkin seconds. Now, my thoughts on the assassins class: i think assassination is a fine mechanic, but only in single player/PvE situations, because oneshotting another player, especially if you can do it repeatedly without him being able to counter that, it means that that player isn't gonna enjoy the game, hell he isn't even gonna play at all. With that said i think that assassin should be reworked in a way that idk they could either help focus the carries down, without completely annihilating them in 0.2s, or just removed because i find it unfun (my personal thought tho, i'm a bruiser/tank player and enjoy long satisfying fights where you land massive Sion Qs or things like that, instead of 2 skills with 450% AP scaling). Getting over the assassins problem, let's talk about the "Rise of the Elements" update, since i started playing i (main top btw) played often as adc/support, duoing with my friend, and i know how frustrating it is to get countered by the enemy botlane or to get camped 24/7 by the jungler (same for every lane i guess), but there's a difference in botlane, DRAKES, which ends in KES, just as YIKES, and in fact yikes is what i think about this update. How many times do you see lanes battling evenly throughout the laning phase? I think very few, some ppl get advantages and their opponents have to struggle to farm while they try to not die anymore. Now the problem is, if a botlane is gonna win on the other, they will have prio, they will have free drakes, and with free drakes come free bonuses, but worst of all with 4 drakes comes DRAGON SOUL, and that is most of the times a free win, why do i think it's unfair? I think it's unfair because the game has to revolve around botlane, if a botlane gets out drafted then there is a good chance you're gonna lose drakes ---> the game, maybe one of the 2 botlanes is formed by premades while the other doesn't, giving them a fair advantage on coordination with the very likely vocal chat factor and experience by playing together, and you simply lose a game because the enemy chose the best champions or their botlane is duoing, it sounds pretty bad to me, especially if i got idk camped by the enemy jgl and am so behind trying to keep my lane from falling to pieces that i can't even remotely dream of helping my botlane? Now here in this video that got out some days ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7KmzUJYkks the rioter guy is clearly so happy to announce things and stuff, he's shining, but actual gameplay doesn't shine at all? And if you open the video, and go to 0:52 and then listen to these words "we think we've landed in a place where there's multiple strategies to winning, but we're keeping a close eye on the power of every objective", idk, i was like "is he talking about the same thing i'm playing? The footage is clearly from LoL but the arguments kinda don't match", my god guys, dragon soul beyond broken and almost assured without contest to one of the 2 teams, we wanna talk about elder dragon? You go below 20% hp you dead, it means you might as well think like this: i'm an adc i got 1800 hp, no wait i don't, i have 1440. And are the assassins ever going to deal 1440 damage with a full combo? Noooo, in fact they'll just use 2 skills and gunblade to do that, they'll keep the full combo to oneshot your tanks maybe, since they're squishy too. Where are my multiple strategies to win? Here's the only thing you wanna do: GET YOUR BOTLANE FED AND DO DRAKES. Adcarries are meant to be strong in late game, you make them stronger than the enemy adc in early, they'll be strong early mid and late, you'll have all drakes, you'll have souls, you'll have LP, unless some of the enemy got an assassin so fed to 1v5 but that's inside the champions balance problem. Positive note, they're finally going to balance the number of autofilled player in each team, thx fkin god a good change for once, and let's give em credit for it. But there are negative things too, like all i mention, plus what i'm going to talk about now XD. The client, i swear old client had it's bugs but it was GOLD, no MASTER in comparison to this one. Now if you go back into the video i linked above at minute 2:23 they talk about the client and they know it's buggy and slow and all, and they say they are going to fix it (FINALLY!), but you can't give me a client as slow and buggy as this, leave it for 2 years or so, say you're finally going to fix it, and the moment you say it the clients decides THAT IT HAS TO WORK EVEN WORSE. I don't know if you noticed but last days client is diseased by unknown evil factors, my chat box notifies me new messages, and the notify stays up after i read em, my friends who went offline are still online in my friendlist, my online friends who are NOT playing result in game, chatbox sometimes is not in it's place, whenever i press the log out and the riot client appears and instead of getting me to login screen there's an infinite loading and i have to close it and reopen it if i want to login again, after i finish a game all players names are dark grey, like they left the post-game lobby, but they actually didn't, and while this is not a big deal it's annoying in it's own way. Client has been like this for the last week or so, wtf happened XD? Ho ho ho, christmas has already gone, but for the next one Santa has already written a 1500 pages blacklist, because OH MY GOD HOW FKIN TOXIC IS THE COMMUNITY IN THESE FIRST DAYS OF THE SEASON. Don't misunderstand me it always has been trash in terms of attitude and sportsmanship, and i constantly see some1 flame, or quit the game because "i don't care about this account, you don't deserve LP dogs" "i'm smurf you low elo don't deserve my time" etc etc (btw i'm not gonna make a section out of it, but smurfs are a good part of why playing ranked is not so funny, they stomp you and you don't get to play, they are toxic because they don't care about smurf acc, since they have 16 accounts lol, they just leave the game or go afk or int you or flame you and ruin your experience, rito nerf smurfs pls they're disgusting), but these first days of ranked games, i'm astonished. I've never seen so much flame, my average was 1 report a game, when i was lucky only 1 of my teammates was toxic, when i was unlucky i was getting flamed by 4 guys for being 1/4, but they don't care if i get dived 5 times in 8 minutes, it's my fault and not the enemy jungler playing way better than mine. New season, i see people starting to flame at 2 minutes because you didn't follow them in their suicide dive/gank/invade which was an assured loss, they even go afk because you didn't follow them to Intcity, people literally WRITING LIKE THIS TO ME AND SAYING "GO IN AND AUTOATTACK WHAT ARE YOU DOING OH MY GOD U FKIN R****D YOU'RE REPORTED FOR TROLLING", when i'm Gangplank, and i need my barrels, because if i run to autoattack people i just die, and then i get flamed for playing my champion how it is supposed to be played, i am confused. Maybe the MMR got messed up and i get constantly matched with players who were far below me in the past season, and have less game knowledge, now i don't blame anyone for having poor game knowledge, you can improve and get better or stay at that level and play in the elo you were, what i can't and won't stand, is a player flaming me for doing the right thing instead of listening to his wrong ideas, AND I EVEN GET REPORTED FOR THAT. Talking about reports, i think my average is around 3 reports per game, and i often report enemies because after the game they flame so hard in the post-game chat that it's horrifying, how are they still not banned? This is sickening. Before you ask me "if you don't like the game why don't you just quit?" lemme tell you this, i find the game enjoyable, just not as much as it was in the past, every game was fresh and funny, ok not every game, but most of them, now it's more like "Ehhh this game enemy kata got 7 kills in 11 minutes and i have to wait till we lose because if i give open i get reported for griefing, so let's waste some more minutes of my life by not enjoying something i'm supposed to enjoy and maybe next game will be better", i play to find those games i am able to enjoy, because yes those are enjoyable, i can have a lot of fun even when i lose, like for example i played really well, it was fun to play my champ that well, the enemy were slightly better and won but i had fun, idgaf about losing i really had a good time vs i can't even get to play because they snowball and we automatically lost. You get me? Finally, an idea i got and i'll wrap it up, i promise. Dear rioters, could you make a quality of life change to Gangplank? I absolutely DESPISE shooting a barrel with my Q, then with the projectile mid-air the barrel disappears and i am there, contemplating the death of my champion. Make it like Ornn, when he starts the charge the wall won't disappear, when GP shoots the Q the barrel won't suicide in the meantime (btw Q cast time + travel time is around 0.5s at max range, just to make you understand how unlucky i am to get 0.5s over 30s of total barrel duration, LULZ). Ok that's all for now, of course i hope you understood the flame you see above is just me quoting players and not flaming myself lol, for the few of you that aren't toxic keep up the good work bois and if you want a tip just mute your jungler if he's making bad calls that you can't follow, because he'll either bait you or flame you after, even if you follow prob, for dealing no damage. For those of you that are toxic instead calm the fk down ty, you're not gonna play better by flaming, hopefully rito is gonna wake up and start punishing this kind of attitude, so just stop. If you are still reading i'd like to thank you for the attention, sorry if it was this BIG of a post but as you can see i think there are many problems and they needed to get addressed properly, lemme know what you think about the current state of the game, possibly without flaming or being irritating/acid. Wish you best of luck in game. Yoink Edit: "Game balance is the goal of making sure that games are fair and that all of our champions have distinct strenghts and weaknesses, such that no one champion is stronger than all others" in case some1 is wondering what game balance is. Edit 2: update on the client, apparently after i finish a game my client dies inside, and i can't open a chat neither from the button or clicking directly on the friendlist and have to exit and reopen it AFTER. EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. <.<

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