Plis Riot Return Old Aatrox (Only Visual)

Riot please give us back the look that Aatrox had before the new meets less with the fantasy of a warlord, without the wings on the back does not have that imposing presence of a demon capable of annihilating worlds, besides the ways of catching the sword of the new aatrox ... it seems to weigh him down and he can barely wear it. In addition to this you have removed something very characteristic of him, Now is right-handed when he was previously left-handed. in my opinion, the worst vu you've done in a long time, and does not meet at all with the fantasy that you want to give Aatrox, Devolvenso the old Aatrox or use the model you use for R (returning it to put left-handed), but do not leave to "that" that you have tried to pass through Aatrox. PD:sorry for my english
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