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Yo , I just had a really bad week/day. And guess what , i started playing Lol all night , just to forget the day. Because i was tired as shit and frustrated i lost almost every lane (but i just couldnt stop playing ). Since it was very late ( almost morning ) I was getting paired with the same people over and over. They legit started dodging when they saw me and then proceed to flame and make fun of me non-stop to the point where i literally dont even wanna play my champ anymore ( I fell from d3 promos to d5 0 lp in 1 night). I legit just feel like shit atm , and the sad thing is that ik all they said was kinda true. Ffs ,I know im good at the champ ( had 60% winrate in 300 games, now its 59%..) ,but after this i just dont wanna see it , play it or anything related to it. Its the first time it happens to me , has anyone been in the same situation?
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