How do you play against Ziggs at bot?

Now theres almost Ziggs bot every game. The problem is. Before anyone backs to base the first time. There is usually no problem. Ziggs oom eventually. He can't really outpush yet. It isn't very hard if we dodge his Q. But after he backs and gets Lost chapter. He out pushes so much, and pokes with Q endlessly. And I find us pushed under our turret. Makes it harder for adc to farm too. And Ziggs gets turret down to 1/2 health quite fast, taking it down eventually. Sure, let him take turret so adc can freeze. It works... sometimes. But not always. Because then Ziggs will rotate to mid and terrorize my midlaner. While ADC freeze and farm bot, they will get mid turret. And moving on towards top and so on... The best would be ofc, that a jungler ganks Ziggs in lane. But let's not count with it. At least the games I've played, Jungler has never bothered ganking a pushing Ziggs. So, not having jungler to gank in calculation. It is solo Q after all. Pretend there's no jungler for our team. How do you deal with a Ziggs as Janna/Raka? (Along with adc in a 2v2 situation) (So far I've had Cait, Vayne and Jhin, being the most common adc, all the same results, even lane in the start, out pushed when Ziggs is at 2nd back)
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