Balance team should instantly be fired

Nerf ADC so other garbage is viable botlane. Yeah, but ADC was so bad it never was viable outside of botlane, except for Lucian who is the great exception (guess what he is still playable because he lanes well and has early powerspikes). So it's fine to trash an entire role just so other champions can be played in that lane. And that role had only one lane. Garbage like Riven was always playable in other roles, we saw it even in middle in competitive play. But have you ever seen Caitlyn or Vayne outside of botlane since idk season 1 in competitive? No. So you open that lane to bruisers, but where do ADCs go? In the hidden secret lane number 4 where they can farm for 30min so they can start playing the fking game? Riot you failed miserably at the most basic design level: Players want agency. Making ADCs so insanely weak early their lane is decided solely by the supports and mid/jungle roams is not the way to go. Worse yet, this was the case LONG before you ruined ADC items. Just before that ADCs were a puppet that became a monster if their support/mid/jungle won their lane for them. Now they are actually so worthless it's not worth camping their lane. So for anyone who focused on ADC - bad luck, you can go play Fortnite now, because you have no options but learn a completely different kind of champion or get shit on.

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