Whoever did this, go have a serious talk with him.

Which ever Rioter said, that lore wise Zoe's strength is even or even tops Aurelion Sol's might... seriously, go give him some paid vacation, go have a talk with him, this is not OK. Aurelion Sol destroyed Pantheon with the strength of a billion Nukes put into one star (the old Pantheon, not the reincarnation we have now), which basically means you put some oversilly Loli over the might of a literall god of war, and literally the God of the galaxy... seriously? I mean, Zoe's existence was enough pain for the lore to recover, but this is absolutely absurd... She is like this one forced protagonist that the dev's refuse to let pain or death on, because she is that one beloved child, and god beware if anyone wants to actually hurt her... i hope someone in Riot comes to the realization that Aurelion should be able to Nuke Zoe just like he did with old Pantheon before.
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