[FEEDBACK] Aether Wing Kayle - give us the option to ctrl+5 to her previously unlocked forms

I know I'm not the only one who has a strong opinion about the new AW Kayle's style. There seems to be a pretty high number of people who do not like the direction of the last 2 Aether Wing Kayle evolutions, while others really adore them. That is because those two froms derailed pretty heavily from the original style. I understand that changing the skin would be impossible considering the time and effort already invested into it, but could we get the option to choose which form to use once we unlock it (Ctrl+5)? Similar to how GGMF and DJ Sona choose their forms? With this simple change, everyone can be happy. ^_^ Just play the evolution animation in reverse. Once you hit the first form, if you ctrl+5 again, the evolutions will start going up instead. Alternatively you could have a UI similar to GGMF pop up with a list of all suits that are locked based on level.

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