Can we change the name of Teamfight TACTICS???

The whole auto chess thing is great, and I love that it's been added. ***BUT*** There is nothing tactical about it. Here's why: * The amount of times I've gone with a build to mid/late game only to not receive the units I need (and I'm talking 60-0 gold rerolls without even ONE), is ridiculous, and I lose the game because of it. Every. Time. * You can't really get items together reliably. Take Underlords. You get a guaranteed item after every NPC round. I'm lucky if I get ANYTHING most rounds, and when I do, it's usually defensive items, rarely offensive. All the while others stack DPS after DPS items and nuke my team off the face of the earth with their 3 3-item tier 3 champs, that I can't even seem to get close to. * TACTICS to me include playing out a teamfight how you might see it in a proper game. This doesn't include the backline completely ignoring the assassins jumping into them and getting completely picked off while my frontline merrily dies to the enemy frontline, instead of turning and focusing them immediately. * OMG THE AFKS!!! The amount of times some of my units just effing STAND THERE and do nothing, or ultis just don't get cast with full mana, etc. is unbelievable, and I've lost so many rounds because of this too. Long story short, let's ixnay on the ankedray and either fix all the crap first, or just change the name of the mode to Teamfight Random-as-F***ness.
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