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Hi. So I'm writing this under the rage of losing a game that could easily have been won, but w/e, it's still constructive imo. Still, I'll take this game as an exemple, as the numbers are still fresh in my head (link to the game stats included in this thread). Here's the question this post is about: how do you carry with Poppy late game? It seems I can't. The game I am talking about was of that kind of game I often lose as Poppy. I went 8/0, roamed (even with no teleport, but hey the enemy Riven had to teleport back to her lane everytime she could to not fall behind, so I think it was worth choosing ignite), helped take objectives and stuff. BUT, the point is that our botlane went 0/6 0/6, and the enemy Caitlyn was overfed. I could still do something during the midgame to deny the enemy ADC, by bursting it down, even if I didn't kill her in the end. It was still enough to keep her out of teamfights. After taking 2 inhibs, we just lost control of the game. My team melted in every teamfights doing no damage and I felt like there was nothing I could do, despite sending away 1 or 2 heroes with my ult; which was still not enough for my team to win 5v3, he. In other words: I can't find a way to carry as Poppy in the late game. Seriously, I can't. Every game I snowball toplane very hard, no matter if I pick teleport or ignite, and every time the game lasts for too long, we just end up losing, no matter the state of the game, no matter how good my plays and focus are. I understand that the advantages of being fed kind of fade away as you get stuck with full build and opponents can only catch up with you, but still I would like to know what I'm doing wrong. Do you guys have any tips on how to properly play Poppy lategame? What I'm trying to do in lategame teamfights is: - Take out the enemy frontline with Poppy's ult so that we can reach the carries - Protect my carries if there is a dangerous dashing enemy like Yasuo or Riven - Keep carries away for my carries to get rid of the frontline, if I couldn't ult it Thanks in advance for your advices.

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