My view of game after few years

TL,DR: I'm tired of it... Riot understanding of freshness: change change change change change change change -> infinity From my point of view: endless time spend on remembering, learning, comprehending every change to play this game in way you have chance to win Riot on balance: Buff and nerf champions so they fit to current play. Fmpov: Buffing champion that are not played and nerfing champions that are causing problems for buffed champions, NOT champions that need it. Riot on class changes: changing classes so they fit more to others Fmpov: They are buffing one class, and when its too good they buffing next one, and after next one is too good they buff another one ect. endless loop Riot on new champions: every champion is tested and mostly ready for players to use him. Fmpov: Throwing over/under powered champions live only to give some players free elo Riot on meta: they allow players to play what they want on any position Fmpov: they don't care that some champions have ridiculous scaling and are overpowered Riot on matchmaking: we are doing what we can to match players with equals. Fmpov: They create two separate ques for ranked 5vs, so dividing player base by 2. No logic. I'm playing mostly the same champions from few years now, and I see how this works. And this is very sad. Riot chooses which champions are being played every season (by buffing and nerfing). If you don't choose their champion there is far more possibility you will lose. Again no logic. You should be able to play whom you want, and have chance to win. And every season is worse and worse. One day this will all collapse cause they won't know what to do, and when this day will come they will either close LoL and make new one, or they will really balance champions They want to keep players as long as they can but making me playing less and less, because for me this game in current state is plain stupid. This is only my opinion I don't force you too accept it, and its based on my personal experience after few years of everyday playing. Tons of dmg, ad/ap champions that are unkillable, tanks with crazy dmg, supports dealing more dmg then adc. Two years ago this game was far more playable then now. Riot is in endless loop. Instead of progress we have stagnation. Again no logic. Yes yes, we have new mods, new maps, bla bla bla... but core problem champion mechanics and balance is in stagnation. For me, I don't care for new maps, new mods, new skins, new anything, if only they would give me balanced game play and champions. But that will probably never happen. And you know what? I'm happy. Riot actions is making me sick and forcing me to play less then last years. If they won't change their politics one day their action will set me free from this addictive game, that absorbs not only my time but my mental health. If you don't agree with me then fine, forget what I wrote and have fun :) For me it seems this days are over. And yes I'm nobody, noob, feeder, worst player in eune, whatever you want :) My opinion does not matter at all ;) But I have a feeling that I'm not the only one that sees this.
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