Why's Heaps of people claiming Taliyah to be nerfed and that she's OP? :3

I've played her now, for a couple matches. maybe 10 or so. and i must say that.. all these people complaining and saying ''BLA BA RIOT WILL NERF HER'' etc. it really annoys me. 1. She is not OP compared to other champions. (examples)= {{champion:238}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:105}} >>> {{champion:268}} <<< and so on.. (: Sure She does have some great CC and mobility.. They say.. Q op emg emg and whatever but really? Her scaling is Horrible. Her Q is easy to dodge. and so is her most damaging combo E+W . Not gonna talk bs and say its weak, cause it is not. And then on the other hand, W has such a delay so it makes it super simple to just walk to the side and dodge it.. like for real. K if youre bronze and decide to dash into her E and kill yourself and then start calling shots cause ''OH SO MUCH DMG RITO NERF NERF''. Playing mainly AP champs i can.. guarantee you.. she does no where as much Dmg as, example, AP {{champion:81}} with just a few pew pew(s) Cause you have to plan your plays and set up the dmg you deal as {{champion:163}} not just faceroll your keyboard.. Her ult can be somewhat useful if you use it correctly but its not a 1v5 life changer. {{champion:163}} is great in team fights but, there are other champs that's got good cc too.. conclusion: IMO shes good balanced. Not claiming she needs a buff. {{champion:163}} Is still ''New'' and i rarely see anyone play her so perhaps the ppl whining doesn't know how to go on against her., idk what you guys go throught, but that's my pov. Stop whining pls. and stop claiming that riot is gonna nerf her cause i don't see why really. I guess they will stop complaining once they release a new champion who's over scaled and start going apeshit over that champ. If you think im completely wrong then feel free to reply and tell me why so i perhaps can get a better understanding of it. DISCLAIMER: Im NOT claiming to be some sort of pro or anything. just stating my own opinion. Cheers. I'm {{summoner:4}} ing out baaai {{champion:163}} /o
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