@Meddler Illaoi 6.9 hidden nerfs

Hey guys, so Illaoi got a hard nerf in 6.9 from 49% win rate she dropped to 44% Win rate on a champ that already had clear weaknesses when you fought against a mobile ranged champ. 1. Hidden nerf is the nerf of the combination of maw and steraks you cant get both an this was the core of Illaoi. Shields let you stay longer in a fight = more W = more tentacles slashes = way more potencial dmg. Meanwhile you get some offensive stats too so you dont fall back in dmg. 2. Because the Vessel form only lasts 12 sec i see many people that just let 1 tentacle spawn dodge and wait the rest of the time in a corner and let the debuff run out. **How to fix this ?** Simply **everytime **a **tentacle **would **spawn **but **cannot **cause **of the **space **the **tentacles** **around **the **champ **should** hit him so he **needs **to be **active **and **cannot just stand still** and **wait **until its over. Before he had to take at least 3 down or wait 60 sec so he had to do something. Moreover i wish that the duration should increase with ranks you take into the E. @Meddler Before you want to balance the q or the w first fix the e until it feels balanced after you can balance around it cause the e is the main spell that let me enjoy Illaoi that should feel super rewarding when you can vessel someone but still should feel fair for the enemy.
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