For all the people that lost their brain

Hey summoners, so i just wanted to say one thing. Stop complaining ranked is down, draft is down, that is not working bla bla bla... If you didn't realize season 6 ended and we are going to change to preseason 7, so chill and calm down, riot is working and there are stuff that needs to be changed so they need to disable some features sometimes. If you dont like blind pick then or play aram or just wait for the draft to comeback again and go do other stuff or play other game. Learn to have patience, this is why this game haves a bad community, no one thinks about nothing, just want to sit and click the buttons, this is a game but there is a thing called a job and thats what league of legends is for people that work at riot,so instead of complaining let them do their job. Now chill, and happy preseason!
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