One was telling enemies where I am, the other told me to %%%. Both still play

2 days ago in my Kindred game my adc Draven got mad at me for not ganking, so he was telling enemies where I am. No, not once. Whole game! It's hard for any jungler, even more for Kindred if I want to get any marks. He also inted few kills, told us there will be more, but stopped after some time. In the same game my Zed told me to kill myseld after he stole my Mark. Today I checked and they still play like nothing happen. Why? I lost faith in report system. I reported them, even wrote in comment box what they did. Is telling enemies where your jungler is not punishable? Isn't telling someone to %%% not worth permaban? Does Riot even read the text in reports or it's just placebo as there is machine than deal with reports, not people?
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