Is Yasuo worth learning?

Hi all Just looking for some advice :) I'm a Zed main and i'm looking for other champs to pick up because at the moment it feels like he's banned every game at my elo (High Gold/Low Plat). I really despise playing ranged champs as it's really not my style and love killing people up close rather than across the screen. I kind of like the look of Yasuo but I feel like he just gets dumped on in lane and is just ridiculously easy to gank, same goes for like Akali/Irelia and all the other melee champs you can take mid, I have been thinking about Fiora but is she viable mid? Ahri is a very good short ranged mage, quite mobile, good damage. But I'm going to sound really sexist when I say that I just wouldn't want to play her. If she had a Project skin or some badass one like the Marauder skin line or something that wasn't as ridiculously feminine as the rest of her skins I probably would. I just find it really off-putting and not really that exciting to play. Playing Zed/Noc/Khaz/Renek feels just badass, I feel strong, then Ahri is just...... Not there at all. But yeah Yasuo has been my top option for trying to learn but I'm just looking for some advice as to whether or not he's worth putting the time and effort into learning :) Thanks for reading :)
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